Customer Testimonials

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It’s like yoga for the mind. – John G. New York, New York

I am a new mother of a baby boy…and my life is in such a busy flurry that my eating habits are awful. Emerald Energy® gives me real peace of mind…taking it makes me feel like I am always doing one great thing for myself every day. Keep making this beautiful stuff! – Laurie M. Massachusetts

This is very tasty! – Andrea. Ann Arbor, Michigan

I have to admit, I was hesitant at first to take this supplement because I thought that it would taste funny. However, I am actually wrong for thinking that because it tastes the exact opposite…It is a great addition that this product has a lot of health benefits as well. Ever since I started on it, I feel more energized and strong. It’s really worth a try! – Nate

This was recommended by my herbalist as a gentle on the body, but uplifting energy supplement. For me, it does not give you any jitters or jumpy feelings that some other energy products do. The green powder can be added to any liquid (I use apple juice), does not have any taste of it’s own, but adopts whatever you’ve put it into. I will be using this product every day. On my second bottle and it’s at the top of my MOST EXCELLENT FOR YOUR BODY list. Highly recommended. – C. Willy. San Francisco, California

I don’t usually write testimonials about products, but I felt I simply had to tell you what I think about your Emerald Energy® product I have been using. I simply can’t say enough good things about the Emerald Energy® and you may use this letter if you choose at any time you wish in promoting your product. I have tried many products from my health food store but the Emerald Energy® stands alone in being the BEST I have yet to try. I feel a company should be told this by those fortunate enough to try it. I only wish your Emerald Energy® came in a larger size container for I would certainly purchase it. I am recommending Emerald Energy® to all my friends and just wanted you to know how much it means to a person to find such an outstanding product. Please don’t ever stop making Emerald Energy®! – Loyd. Italy, Texas

This is the best tasting [green food] I have tried. – Ann Arbor, Michigan

Emerald Energy® arrived yesterday and it tastes great! It seems like an excellent product, at least from the organoleptic standpoint, and the ingredients are certainly better sources of vitamins and minerals than the synthetic products commonly sold, even in the natural food industry. – Jimmy. Irvine, California

A visit to the health food store can be an overwhelming experience. It’s tough to figure out what to choose from among the dizzying assortment of dietary and nutritional supplements on the shelf. From vitamins to minerals to weight loss pills, there are thousands of options to choose from. But do you really need any of them? Do they really work, and if so, which ones are best? I think Emerald Energy product is the best answer of all these questions. There was a time when I used to feel tired and dizzy all the time. But after using Emerald Energy all those problems just disappeared like the wind. I never felt so much more energetic and confident from inside. It tastes like fruit juice even I thought it was made from green superfood, which means you can’t taste the awful green taste. It improved my memory power with detail focus on everything. Even the kids in the house love it. – Susan B.

I love it…I take it with water three times a day! Tastes so good! – Cathryn

I’ve been taking it daily for the past few weeks and find it has helped me maintain consistent energy in the morning hours (I may start taking it twice a day to see what happens). It also is having a gradual effect on regulating my appetite – I have noticed a steady decrease in my usual craving for sweets since I began using it. – Patricia. Santa Cruz, California

I love that there is no taste to this! – Angie. Denver, Colorado

These formulas are impressive and appear to have been greatly researched. This product really does mix better than similar products I have been using, which tend to lump up. Emerald Energy® does not have an offensive taste, even when mixed only in water. I’ve been doing Emerald Energy® for breakfast for a year and I have never felt better! I’m also glad it’s not one of those ‘pyramid’ sales deals – they drive me nuts! – Gary. Boulder, Colorado

This tastes better than it looks! It seems like you could exist on drinking this stuff alone! Good to the last drop!– Susan. Austin, Texas

Amazed that “green stuff” tastes good. – Roxanne. Berkeley, California

I was exhausted… and felt instantly invigorated within minutes of drinking it (perhaps 15 minutes). This product is a very good value compared to competitors. – Niall. Berkeley, California

I liked the taste… liked the combo of greens and royal jelly. I drink greens all the time and this is great. – Don. Austin, Texas

Love the product! Very surprised by the [good] taste. – Jamie. Palatine, Illinois

It tastes good! – Chante. San Rafael, California

Very good…wow! I’m surprised… good for green stuff. – Lori. Petaluma, California

Impressed by the great flavor…a good superfood. – Debra. San Anselmo, California

Tastes good… Pleasantly surprised with the mild taste of Emerald Energy®. The apple juice tastes like apple juice… it looks green, but it doesn’t taste like the other spirulina products I’ve tried. – Althea. Hilo, Hawaii

Just tastes like apple juice… This is good, and I’m usually afraid of green things…It’s nice to have all the different herbs… I love this stuff… I feel like it stabilizes me… – Kirsten. Felton, California

This has a very pleasant taste and texture. – Penelope. Berkeley, California

Great stuff! Doesn’t taste bad at all. The spirulina tastes comes through a little…almost creamy and the texture isn’t chalky. – Angie

You can not taste the green foods at all…it tastes great! It is wonderful to get all of your vitamins and minerals from this product. I like the idea of the sustained energy. Very impressed with all the benefits. – Andrea. Sacramento, California

Nothing but great comments about Emerald Energy®…has a wonderful taste. – Kiki. Ketchum, Idaho

Quite surprised by the fact it tastes good…that I tasted juice, not a grass taste. Pleasantly surprised by the smooth taste. – Marisa. San Jose, California

I can’t believe the flavor – you can’t even taste the “green” stuff. It is not gritty or grainy as I expected. Great product! – Deanna. Arlington, Virginia

It goes down easy… it has a lot of good things in it. – Bruce. Campbell, California

For six weeks now I’ve been drinking Emerald Energy® mixed with orange juice and as a result no longer have any cravings for caffeine. Initially when I began drinking coffee on a daily basis it was decaffeinated. Then three years ago I switched to regular coffee for the lift caffeine gave me. Obviously your product is supporting the body’s energy level in a natural, even way (no headaches afterwards). Thanks to all involved in the manufacturing and distribution of this wonderful product. – Sophia

I live on it! – David. Atlanta, Georgia

Surprised by how well it mixes…it’s a very good product. – Rosalie. Sebastopol, California

It tastes better than it looks. Glad there isn’t any wheat grass in it [since many people are allergic to wheat]. – Herlinda. Petaluma, California

It’s good…pretty yummy! – Christine. Boulder Creek 

I am so impressed by your Emerald Energy® green powder. – Harold. Oakland, California

Emerald Energy® has had an immediate effect on me. – Dewey. San Francisco, California

Tastes better on the whole than other spirulina products… Surprised at how good it tastes in water. – Rosie

I am so enthusiastic about your products! I’m looking forward to giving samples to my acquaintances so they can experience the same energy lift and healthy feelings that I have talked about to them. – Patricia. Erie, Pennsylvania

Love your products! – T.K. 

I started taking the Emerald Energy® Smart and I swear on that product. It got me out of bed, it made me feel awake. This stuff is like gold to me! – Morella. Laguna Beach, California

I discovered your Emerald Energy® products a few months ago and think they are just wonderful. I feel so much better, both physically and emotionally. I have my three grown children also using the product – we all take the Emerald Energy® Smart. – Dianne. Houston, Texas

This tastes good! – Suzanne. Santa Rosa, California

Your product is wonderful! – Vicki. Gualala, California

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