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Formula Philosophy

All of our formulas are based using the principles of traditional Chinese medicine. But what exactly does this mean? Here's a brief background on the philosophy behind how Emerald Energy® was formulated.
In traditional Chinese medicine, the formulas are not mere collections of medicinal substances in which the actions of one herb are simply added to those of another in a cumulative fashion. They are complex recipes of interrelated substances, each of which affects the actions of the others in the formula. It is this complex interaction which makes the formulas so effective, but also makes them more difficult to replicate.
Every medicinal substance has its strengths and shortcomings. An effective formula is one in which the substances are carefully balanced to accentuate the strengths and reduce the side-effects. The combination of substances in a formula creates a new therapeutic agent that can treat much more effectively and completely than can a single substance.
To understand how the substances interact with each other, one must first understand the actions and other characteristics of the individual substances. One must become familiar with particular combinations, which can be viewed as the building blocks of the formulas.
Constructing an effective formula involves more than simply putting ingredients together to obtain a certain effect. One needs an organizing principle to guide the construction so that the ingredients are combined in an optimal fashion. The orderly arrangement of ingredients in a formula is called a hierarchy. The concept of hierarchy was first suggested in a very old Chinese text called Basic Questions, which described the most powerful ingredient as "the chief" and the ingredient that "aids the chief is the deputy...and that which is bound to the deputy is the envoy and assistant."
Traditional Chinese society was always very conscious of rank, which revolved in the first instance around the emperor and his court. For this reason, the terms used to signify the importance or rank of the ingredients in a formula reflect those used at court.
  • Chief (also known as monarch, ruler, king, emperor, principal). The ingredient that is directed against, and has the greatest effect upon, the principle pattern or disease. This ingredient is absolutely indispensable to the formula. In Emerald Energy®, this ingredient is spirulina.
  • Deputy (also known as minister, adjutant, associate). Aids the chief ingredient in treating the principle pattern or disease.
  • Assistant (also known as adjutant). Reinforces the effect or the chief or deputy ingredients or moderates or eliminates any negative effects of the chief or deputy ingredients, or moderates their harsh properties.
  • Envoy (also known as messenger, guide, conductant). Focuses the actions of the formula on a certain channel or area of the body and harmonizing and integrates the actions of the other ingredients.
The dosage of an individual ingredient in a formula also plays a part in determining hierarchy.