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About Us

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Thanks for stopping by! I’m so delighted you’re interested in learning a little more about us and how we got our start.

Unlike the big, mega supplement corporations, Emerald Products is a small, family-run business that my parents started more than twenty years ago at their internationally acclaimed medical clinic in Marin County, just north of the Golden Gate Bridge in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Using the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine – those of harmony, balance, and vitality – they developed the first Emerald Energy® formula for their patients and it quickly became one of the most popular green superfood formulas around.

Soon after the tremendous success of that first formula (which we now call Emerald Energy® Original), my mom and dad then created additional formulas specifically targeted to a variety of different lifestyles: DefenseGinsengSmart, Male, and Femme.

About fifteen years ago, I took over the the family business (so that my parents could have more time to focus on their clinical work with patients) and have been running the company ever since.

What makes Emerald Energy® so special is our incredible passion for our formulas; it’s the only thing we make and we take the time to develop personal relationships with all of our ingredient suppliers, sourcing only the best and freshest batches from them, and then hand blend our formulas in very small batches to maximize freshness.

Want to know more? Please give me a ring or send me an email at any time.

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