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Like our famous Emerald Energy® formulas, the Sapphire line of products brings you the same care, attention to detail, and quality you've come to expect from us over the past 25 years.

Each formula is meticulously researched and sourced to ensure we're bringing you the very best in each supplement category.

The following are now available at the Pine Street Clinic for the exclusive use of their patients:

Immune Shield, a powerful, evidence-based immune-protecting formula in convenient daily packets.

Sapphire Sleep System, a powerful two-part formula in convenient twice daily packets.

Q-Glutamine, a premium L-Glutamine formulation.

Melatonin 3, for optimal syncronization support.

Liù Sān, a scientifically optimized blend of Omegas

Vanilla Whey, an all-natural, undenatured, and bioactive protein powder.

Daily Essentials, a multiple vitamin and mineral complex formulated without copper or iron.